Reusable plastic cup - 3,5 dl

Great quality, reusable, plastic drinking cups with a capacity of 2,5 dl.

Made from durable, food grade polymer, for safe and long-term use.

For cold and hot drinks.

Great choice for hospitality and catering industry.

Replacement for polycarbonate cups.

Shock resistant and resistant to breakage. They do not deform when you hold them which reduces the possibility of spills and similar unpleasant events.

Ideal for use in everyday life as well as at different social or business events: parties, BBQs, beaches, swimming pools, children’s birthday parties, boats, night clubs, football games, sporting events, music concerts, festivals…

Dishwasher safe.
Microwave safe.

We are able to provide heat shrink wrap packaging for unicolour/multicolour sets of 6, 12 or customized number of cups. In this way cups are unitized, kept clean and tamper resistant and ready for retail distibution.

In various colours or transparent.