Thermoforming PVC sheet/film

We offer thermoforming PVC film rolls in a wide range of standard or customized sheet specifications to meet your specific needs.

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) was one of the first polymers used in food packaging applications that replaced many traditional materials such as glass as well as various forms of card and paper. Several simple properties have made PVC invaluable as one of the key plastics used in modern day packaging to protect and preserve products. It is flexible, lightweight, shatter resistant, tough and safe, it has excellent organoleptic properties and oxygen/water barrier properties. Innovative designs and product shapes can be achieved and all with excellent clarity and transparency.

Compared to other thermoplastics PVC offers some unique properties, such as a wider range of additives than can be used in PVC compared to any other polymer (PVC in packaging can therefore have a diverse range of applications) and it is very easy to print on.

PVC is a thermoplastic made of 57% chlorine (derived from industrial grade salt) and 43% carbon (derived predominantly from oil/gas via ethylene). It is less dependent than other polymers on crude oil or natural gas, which are nonrenewable, and hence can be regarded as a natural resource saving plastic, in contrast to plastics such as PE, PP, PET and PS, which are totally dependent on oil or gas.

PVC is fully approved for use in food contact applications throughout the world.

PVC film provides a very versatile and cost-efficient material for the production of various thermoforming packaging: clamshell packaging, blister packaging, food trays, cosmetic trays, biscuits/chocolates/pralines trays, food containers, box inserts, electronic products packaging, toys packaging, fruits/vegetables trays, non-food thermoforming containers, packaging trays, plastic lids and covers, plastic cups, portion packaging, hardware & tool packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, baked goods packaging, transport & display trays, consumer goods blisters, shock-resistant packaging, confectionery packaging…