Foldable spoon

In cooperation with Metro-Ligor d.o.o., Zagreb, Croatia.

Plastic foldable spoon is intended as packaging suplement of a meal products that can be consumed outside of household, ready-made products that does not require additional preparation.

Designed to reduce its size, imbed in any packaging and make your product practical and ready to use. Inovation was presented and awarded on many Croatian and world invention shows as in Rijeka, Zagreb, London Pittsburgh, Moscow, Brusseles and other. Beside invention shows, foldable spoon is also recognized in practical use. In Croatia it can be found on products of larger food production companies like Dukat, Zvijezda, Vindija and other. There is also great interest leading European food production companies in several European states.

Fitting foldable cutlery in product packaging is specific for each product. Beside standard packaging lids with place for spoon, we can sugest different ways to imbed foldable cuttlery in package either cooperating with your packaging suplyer, or making parts of packaging or making whole packaging for your product.

Dimensions of unfolded spoon are 102×28mm, folded 60×28mm; with 3mm thickness folded or unfolded.

Products have certificate of European Union for usage with food and certificate of Ministry of Health of RH. Product is for onetime use and it is recycled as Polypropilene.

Production is completely automatized, without contat with human and product during production process. Total capacity is manufactured in several production lines, closed “clean rooms”.

Exclusive sales for European Union and United States of America is made by Metro-Ligor d.o.o., Zagreb, Croatia.