Great quality plastic snow shovel!

Designed to be effective, long lasting and offer superior performance.

Lightweight for longer use and ideal for both shoveling and pushing snow.

Shatterproof scoop: during testing, we even ran lorry over it, but it survived – it is clearly built to last! It’s just what you want for serious snow shoveling.

The durable plastic construction ensures that the shovel blade will not crack from cold or heavy scoops of snow. The rib pattern in the blade makes it sturdy and strong when filled with snow.
The blade design retains the payload. The deeply scooped blade with sides makes it good for lifting and throwing snow.
The plastic scoop is light enough that it does not cause additional stress when shoveling, snow does not stick to it and it does not rust. It is reinforced with the galvanized metal edge for dealing with ice and hard-packed snow and to prevent wearing out. The thicknes of the metal edge is 1,25mm.

Long, straight wooden beech handle of 37mm in diameter. Straight handles make the pushing angle easier to adjust and snow throwing easier. Long handles enable the user to leverage their weight for pushing snow. Wooden handles are sturdy and comfortable to use; they feel warm, unlike metal handles, so you can shovel even without gloves.

Dimensions (a x b x c, mm): 415 x 385 x 1500.

Colour: red, blue.

The product is patented and of registered design.

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